Our Beneficiaries

Gabrielle Jench Manuel (Beneficiary since 2016)
GJ is an 8-year-old girl who loves pink and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2014. During weekdays. her favorite TV shows are Encantadia and Destined to be Yours. Someday she wishes to be a doctor or a nurse.
Kylie Sophia Ines (Beneficiary since 2016)
Kylie Ines is a strong-willed- 6-year-old girl battling the Big C at a very young age. She was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia in June 2014. She wishes to be completely healed so she can go to school. She dreams to be a nurse or a teacher when she grows up.
Lhord Zedrik Saligumba. Zedrick (Beneficiary since 2014)
Lhord is a smart kid who dreams of becoming a pilot someday. He is very sweet to his mother and values his family most. He likes to play games in his tablet and watch the television. His favorite color is red.
Rhian Sofia Real (Beneficiary since 2016)
Pam-Pam describes herself as a strong girl who can battle anything. She aspires to become a doctor someday. she likes SpongeBob Squarepants and the color violet. She hopes to survive all the process of her medication.
Rainier Tolentino (Beneficiary since 2016)
Renren is only 9 years old but he already loves taking care of other kids. He is delightful and entertaining because of his talents in singing and playing around. Just like his favorite fastfood Jollibee, life for him is “Bida ang saya”.
Janrell Bernabe (Beneficiary since 2014)
Janrell Bernabe, a 3 year old boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Every month, Janrell undergoes high dose chemotherapy and for each cycle he takes several laboratory tests, platelet and blood transfusion, bone marrow aspiration, and intratical therapy. His medical expenses amount to at least Php60,000 a month. Soon, he will need to undergo bone marrow transplant which costs at least 2 million pesos
Justin Lee Almera (Beneficiary since 2017)
Justin is a sporty 11-year-old boy who aspires to become an engineer someday. One of his hobbies watching the television while eating his favorite Tortang Talong. His favorite TV show is 49Dragon Ball Z. He also loves listening to Justin Bieber’s songs while going through his medical procedure
Jhon Daniel Villamiel (Beneficiary since 2017)
Dan-dan is a kind 4-year-old who loves to watch his favorite movie, Cars. Taking inspiration from the cartoon character Lightning McQueen, his favorite color is red. He wants to recover from his sickness and become a doctor when he grows up
Daryl Jay Abelita (Beneficiary since 2017)
Daryl is only 10 years old but he already has plans to become a chef. He is usually makulit and loves to bond with his loved ones by watching shows and movies of his favorite actor, John Lloyd Cruz.

His heart skips a beat whenever he visits Toy Kingdom
Kian Gumap-as (Beneficiary since 2017)
Our 3-year-old Kian is known as a thoughtful kid. He draws inspiration from his favorite actress, Maine Mendoza. He wants to become a pilot someday by eating nutritious food.
Ralph Franco Ramos (Beneficiary since 2017)
Coco, who is only 2 years old, already aspires to be a doctor. Like any other toddler, he is hyper and loves to play with his toy cars. He also loves to watch his favorite cartoon character, McQueen from the movie, Cars.
Rian Ian Esquillo (Beneficiary since 2017)
Monmon is a nice kid who loves to play basketball. While his favorite food is spaghetti, his favorite color is blue, and his favorite superhero is Spiderman, he only has one wish and it is for him to recover from his sickness.
Aaron Joshua Gesulga (Beneficiary since 2017)
Joshua is only 6 years old but she already has plans to become a chef. He wants to cook his favorite food, malunggay, for his family someday.  He draws inspiration from his family and his favorite cartoon character, Mr. Bean.
Janae Kyla Regio (Beneficiary since 2017)
One of Janae’s favorite hobby is watching TV with her family. Her aspiration is to become a doctor.

Just like her idol, Maine Mendoza, she loves the color pink. He also loves Hello Kitty and Jollibee.
Samantha Briana Calupit (Beneficiary since 2017)
Diday is a generous 3-year-old who loves the color pink. She takes inspiration from her favorite cartoon character, Dora. She prays to God every night for her immediate recovery.
Leanne Rae Isabedra (Beneficiary since 2017)
Leanne wants to become a nurse one day and be able to help people in need. She loves Queen Elsa and want to become like her. Her favorite food is chicken
Meckiel Reyes (Beneficiary since 2017)
JM is a 14-year-old fighter who wants to become a seaman one day. Just like his teenager friends, he loves playing computer games. He worries of getting admitted in the hospital. He describes his life as colorful as a rainbow. He hopes to recover immediately and eat more of his favorite food, spaghetti.
Miguel Ivan Mendoza (Beneficiary since 2017)
11-year-old Miguel Ivan Mendoza from Tarlac has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia since July 2014. Our young cancer-warrior visits the Philippine Children's Medical Center twice a month for series of medical procedures and medications.
Charlie James Pureza (Beneficiary since 2017)
For CJ, the most important thing is family. He usually bonds with his loved ones over chickenjoy and selfies. Despite his fear of horror movies, he maintains a strong personality. One of the moments that will last in CJ’s heart is experiencing a miracle in Marian Orchard Faith Healing Church (Balete, Batangas)
Miguel Apog (Beneficiary since 2017)
Migmig hopes to get his Superman strength from fried chicken and shrimp. His obedience and talent as a singer make him one of the jolliest and kindest kids you’ll ever meet. He also desires to become a Seaman, one day.
Elliesa Musico (Beneficiary since 2017)
Isa is a jolly-spirited kid who loves dancing and cooking. Two of her fondest memories are celebrating her birthday party and playing in the PCMC playground. While her favorite fruit is orange, her favorite color is Yellow. Isa only has one wish and it’s for her to get well soon.
Nhiel Jacob Cadavido (Beneficiary since 2017)
Nhiel Jacob Cadavido was diagnosed last year with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that arises from a normal skeletal muscle cell. Our cancer warrior is only 5 years old.
Rosemarie Razon (Beneficiary since 2017)
Aubrey hopes to finish her schooling with a degree in Medicine. Aside from being a doctor, she also plans to save the world as a part-time superhero in the name of Darna. She finds her inspiration from the role of Liza Soberano in teleseryes as a simple girl with big dreams.
Kiefer Zedrick Aron (Beneficiary since 2017)
Kiefer, a courageous and determined kid, wants to be part of the Military one day. Despite his spunky attitude, his fears include the roaring thunder and his mom’s pinches whenever she’s disciplining him.
Precious Erin Arandia (Beneficiary since 2017)
Precious loves to play around especially when swimming in the sea is involved. She hopes to become a doctor one day so she can help her mother in the future. Despite her fear of “aswangs” she remains jolly and delightful. Her only wish is to heal from her sickness.
Kian Rey Balicat (Beneficiary since 2017)
Our 3 year old fighter, Kian, wants to become a Policeman one day. He loves playing around with other kids because he is a free spirit. His favorite food is Chickenjoy and he hopes to eat more of it in the future as he heals from his sickness.
Jocelyn Meneses (Beneficiary since 2014)
Ate Jocelyn is a native of Daet Camarines Norte, Bicol whose main goal in life is to sustain her family's needs. As a mother, there are a lof of sacrifices she has to make just to provide comfort for her family. 
Carl Thomjie Dael (Beneficiary since 2015)
Playful 7-year-old Carl Dael is getting better each day. He eats well and is active. His doctors said the results of his medical tests are promising.
Aquila Mae Enderez (Beneficiary since 2017)
Mae wants to become a doctor someday. She loves watching the Television with her family. Her favorite food is Paksiw.
Ereal Crix Lapaz (Beneficiary since 2017)
Ereal wants to become a famous actor someday. He loves to play computer games, while eating his favorite vegetables. He also likes Goku
John David Carranza (Beneficiary since 2017)
Our 4-year-old Dave wants to be a police officer someday like Cardo from “Ang Probinsyano”. His favorite cartoon character is SpongeBob. He also likes to eat spaghetti.
James Anthony Laurenciana (Beneficiary since 2017)
James is a kind 6-year-old kid who hopes to become a policeman someday. He loves to write and play with his friends. His favorite is fish.
Harold Aripal (Beneficiary since 2017)
James is a kind 6-year-old kid who hopes to become a policeman someday. He loves to write and play with his friends. His favorite is fish.
Prince Jacob Sobrepena (Beneficiary since 2017)
Prince, a thoughtful and strong kid. To fight his sickness, he loves to drink water. His favorite color is yellow. One of his dreams is to have his own car someday
Cristal Mae Garina (Beneficiary since 2017)
Cristal, as she is fondly called by her mother, wants to be a teacher someday. One of her hobbies is watching cartoons. She also loves Barbie and the color pink.
Dexter Evans Martinez (Beneficiary since 2017)
Dexter is a 9-year-old boy who aspires to become a seaman someday. Despite having cancer, he still describes his life as a happy one. He loves to watch Eat Bulaga and his favorite actor is Baste. He draws inspiration from his favorite hero, Superman.
Chelssie Leal Fernandez (Beneficiary since 2017)
Che-che is only 3 years old but she already dreams of becoming a famous singer someday. She is very respectful and loves to watch her favorite cartoon character, Dora.
Charlie Arce Jamison (Beneficiary since 2017)
Charlie, who is only 4 years old, already aspires to be a nurse. Like any kid, he loves to color his favorite cartoon character, Nemo. He also loves to watch his favorite artists, Awra and Vice Ganda.
Mark Louise Bautista (Beneficiary since 2017)
Louise loves to write. His favorite food is Koko Krunch, color is red, and cartoon character is Ben10. He only has one wish: to recover from his sickness and become a nurse.
Brenz Mhicole Flores (Beneficiary since 2017)
Brenz is a former Arnis player, the national sport and martial art of the Philippines. At a very young age, he already competed at the different parts of the country. He prays that he can recover immediately and go back to being an Arnis artist. He is a kind and loving child to his family.
Jhon Wilfred Brinas (Beneficiary since 2017)
One of Jhon’s favorite hobby is playing with his friends. Every night, he prays to God that he will be healed from his sickness.
Chris Alden Belando (Beneficiary since 2017)
Alden is a generous 3-year-old who loves to eat chicken. He takes inspiration from Lightning McQueen from Cars. He prays to God every night for his immediate recovery.
Ryan James Dela Cruz (Beneficiary since 2017)
RJ is a 4-year-old kid who wishes to heal from his sickness. He loves the color red and his favorite food is chicken.
Jillian Denise France (Beneficiary since 2017)
Ji is a 4-year-old fighter who wants to become a doctor one day. She draws inspiration from her favorite cartoon character, Barney. She also loves to eat vegetables.
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“God didn’t promise days without pain, sun without rain. But He did promise strength for the day and light for the way”
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