Every Wednesday of September 2023, we held a special event for us at LoveHopeFaith Group (LHFG). It wasn't just any month - on those days, we gathered at Humble Beginnings Cafe & Giftshop to celebrate our 10th birthday with many lively parties!

Yet we had another big reason to celebrate, too. September is also known as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. So, our birthday parties turned into a double celebration. We were cheering for our decade-long journey and highlighting the bravery of kids fighting cancer. It was a joyful and memorable month all around. 

We had our best people as our guests of honor: the 49 great kids, their families, the LHFG team, and our super volunteers. We've spent 10 years working together to help each other, and these parties were all about making better friendships.

While we're helping these brave children, we should also ensure they experience the simple joys of childhood. That's why we filled our birthday celebration with loads of fun activities!

We got creative with a painting activity where the kids let their artistic talents shine. The kids were asked to paint something or someone they were thankful for. It was heartwarming to see their heartfelt works of art. And the best part? These beautiful artworks by our cancer survivors are now on display at Humble Beginnings. It's a constant reminder of their bravery and strength. Then, a magician wowed everyone with a magic show. This wasn't just an ordinary magic show - the magician also twisted balloons into fun shapes! The kids loved every minute of it.

The fun of "Time for Joy" didn't stop with games and laughter. The best part was when LHFG played the role of Santa. We handed out gifts to the kids, and the joy in their eyes was the greatest gift back to us.

But there's something more that motivates us. Our inspiration comes from our brave warriors - the children we help - and their Lifesaver families. Their courage in their fight against cancer and their unwavering spirit inspires us to keep doing more. These brave warriors and their supportive families make us want to help and remind us why we started LHFG in the first place. Their strength makes our work worthwhile. 

As we look back on our journey, we're so proud of the past 10 years. But we can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring. We'd love for you to join us in our mission as we keep helping each other. 

Ready to be part of our team? Together, let's help!

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