A Bead for a Dream


Kaye Winslet Bajade believes that it is always possible to achieve one's dream. Kaye was diagnosed in Philippine General Hospital (PGH) because of her stage 4 Nasopharyngeal Masscarcinoma, a type of cancer that form in the tissues of nasopharynx. For her, she dreams nothing but to survive cancer and be an inspiration to others. Her family originally came from Tacloban City and traveled to Manila for her treatment.

She was wholeheartedly adopted by Bahay Aruga to be her temporary shelter while she was undergoing treatment. Bahay Aruga is located in Ermita Manila which is a few minutes away from the hospital. Bahay Aruga is a free halfway house for pediatric cancer patients and they are welcoming children like Kaye who came from far places and are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

On the other hand, her family is making lovely beads that comes with different designs to add up on their budget for Kaye's medication. Her family dedicated all their time for the betterment of her condition and they never show any signs of giving up, because they know every beads they are making is a step for her dream. If you are interested to help Kaye, you may contact 09195602412 / 09476065956 for more information.

Kaye is among the cancer patients who we are helping at LoveHopeFaith Group. We are supporting them to fight cancer and to achieve their dreams by donating 50% of our net proceeds to them. You can also help our beneficiaries by purchasing our products.

To learn more about our advocacy, you may visit us at www.lovehopefaithgroup.com.

Together, let's help!

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Hello, i just came across your page because i was so fascinated with the army green wrist watch. What pulled me in even more was when i found out you’re helping cancer patients. I really wanna help. I wanna be your partner, and i wanna help in anyway possible. Do you also make wigs? I wanna cut my hair short and donate it to at least one cancer patient. It’s just amazing to see a part of me is also becoming a part of someone else and it makes her happy. I really hope to receive a reply for you. Thank you so much and god blesa you po.

Krystal Nudalo July 12, 2021

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