STRONGER THAN CANCER: First Cancer Survivor of LHFG Continues on Being an Inspiration to Others

Welcoming new hope and better chances! They say, anything is possible when you have enough strength and courage to face every difficulty in life. But what if in just one striking moment, everything would change? In the Philippines, eight out of ten children die of Cancer every day. Every child has the right to enjoy their life and every child has their own dreams –dreams that will enable them to keep going.

Zedrick at the age of 6 years old, was diagnosed with Leukemia last 2013. It is a type of Cancer that usually begins in the bone marrow and results in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. According to his father – Rene Saligumba, Zedrick started in a persistent fatigue. He had a loss of appetite and he started to continuously lose weight. Rene was referred by a Doctor in Laguna to consult Zedrick in Philippine Medical Children, Quezon City.

“Hindi namin makakalimutan noong na ICU po siya. Natubuhan po siya, tapos nag 5050 rin po. Sa awa ng Diyos po, nakaligtas naman po.”

It was a hard time during his medication but giving up was never an option. When asked what would be his message to his fellow parents who also have a child with Leukemia:

“Doon sa mga magulang na may anak na Cancer, tiyaga lang … laban lang.”

In such a young age of battling Cancer, Zedrick has always been a fighter and his family supported him all throughout. In this journey, we are beyond thankful and happy for this
great success.

“Halos lahat po ng pangangailangan po namin sa ospital … malaking tulong po sa amin ang LoveHopeFaith.”

Lhord Zedrick – 11 years old, is now a CANCER SURVIVOR.

His fight is always our fight. His win is also our win. Let him be an inspiration to us and let us keep on fighting against Cancer.

Together, let’s help!

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